We specialize in various forms of manpower needs, assisting the requirements and needs of diverse range of industries across the world. Our capacity to find the most suitable candidates, considering every criteria the employer is looking for, through our specialists in head hunting, training when required, travel support and mainly to analyze each requirement as a special customized need.

Range of Services : Following are the kind of staffing solutions we offer:

     •  Head Hunting

     •  Manpower Recruitment

     •  Contract Employment

     •  Turnkey Recruitment Solution

     •  Flexible Manpower Solutions in skilled categories

     •  Screening and Aptitude Assessments

     •  Interview Assessments and Arrangements

     •  Visa Processing and Mobilization in the case of Abroad requirement

Sourcing Capability

     •  Website to source people & advertise job vacancies

     •  Long established reputation

     •  Innovative contracting methodologies

     •  Worldwide market involvement

     •  Highly skilled Technical Recruiters

     •  Use of Modern Selection Techniques

     •  Successful Relationships with Major clients

     •  Understanding of our Customers' needs